After a Long time...


In such an unconscious condition, you actually don’t plan what you’ll ask if he suddenly comes to you, but he is not a sudden element for me. I ask and he got to come, this is a deal that he cannot break. Fear factor works and which I’m also committed, I’ll never reveal that.


“So, Spirit, what will happen to this little frog?” I asked as I was ready yet to blow it out. I didn’t know who was this little frog though. Hmmm.

“You mean, North Korean dictator, right?” He murmured.

“Maybe.” I reacted carelessly.

“Ok, why you suddenly got interest on him?” He again asked.

“I don’t know. Perhaps I had this question since months but every time you and I got something else to discuss and never this.” I answered.

“No, that is not right. Last time you asked me about him and I hinted his most possible fate but you forgot like many things you forgot or misinterpreted in your book on me. It actually ruined the truth, which you don’t care about. Isn’t it?” He asked with a little attitude and I didn’t answer him.


“There is an end of the road for him. He knows that too. But the days are not near some. It will take time to dry his lifeline until Chinese communism goes away. And, even after that, instead of South Korea, the new Chinese regime maybe toppling its roots out from its brother root to make sure far south doesn’t fall in any kind of world attraction.”

“Who are they?” I suddenly asked.

“The Monks of Tibet. I do not want them to liberate at all.”

“Ok, so North Korea will decline to the hands of new China and not to South Korea to reunite.”


“There is Corona cries out there and you asking about North Korea, why so?”

“I told you, I don’t know. Its weird, isn’t it, because lord dictates me to ask you these freaking questions, which are the hurdles of the modern human world and probably as far I knew you through the merciful Lord O spirit, you too are somehow somewhere an element to get blamed or for the solution.” 

Before I would have finished my sentence, I saw him, he started melting as candles melt in the heat. The reason, so don’t talk about the lord in front of him. 

‘O my God, I had some rare things to freak him today and he is going.’  

“Don’t disappear, tell me first, what will happen next to China?” I almost screamed.